My Fitness Coach, LLC
Danielle Marquez, personal trainer, McLean VA
My other passion: Greyhounds!
About Danielle Marquez
Owner, My Fitness Coach

I work with expecting and new moms**, and women past 30. I understand the changes that a
woman's body goes through as she has children and as she faces menopause and aging. I have
also worked with clients with back/joint pain, obesity, clients that have overcome breast cancer,
clients with depression, anxiety and/or eating disorders. Please let me know if you have any
special circumstances, and I will be happy to discuss your concerns.

I can help you:
  • Become stronger and build bone density
  • Become more toned and lose weight
  • Improve eating habits
  • Decrease stress while increasing self image, confidence, energy and endurance

**Pre/Post Natal clients: exercising before, during and after pregnancy is encouraged by the
American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) with your doctor's approval.
Some possible benefits you may not have known: decrease in postpartum depression, leaner baby
and easier delivery, increased cardiovascular fitness for mom AND baby, increased circulation and
blood flow, and decrease in gestational diabetes, to name a few.

My credentials include:
  • M.S., Exercise Science & Health Promotion, California University of PA, 2007
  • Wellcoaches Wellness Coaching certification, 2008
  • Power Pilates, Beginner and Intermediate Mat, 2008
  • National Academy of Sports Medicine: Certified Personal Trainer, 2005
  • Adult CPR, renewed 2011
  • Member, American College of Sports Medicine
  • Member, IDEA
  • Member, FitArlington

As a child and young adult, I was sedentary and overweight. I hated exercise and felt very
uncomfortable in my body. It wasn't until after my divorce at age 28 that I found the enjoyment
in moving my body, becoming stronger, feeling healthier and more energized as a result. That is
when I became a trainer. I lost 25 pounds and have vowed to keep it off ever since. Of course, I
have my setbacks occasionally, but my own struggle helps me understand your struggle and
positions me to help you become your best self.

My Personal Training and Pilates Studios

Most of my sessions are done in my home in McLean, VA. I have a well-equipped gym, and an
adjacent Pilates room that is open and bright. For more information on what I offer, please visit
Packages page, or contact me and I will respond within 24 hours. Thank you!