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"One of my primary goals after retiring approximately a year and a half ago was to get in
shape.  Fortunately, I was referred to Danielle Marquez, whose approach to fitness
meshed entirely with mine.  Danielle focuses on the connection between mind and body,
guiding her clients in the accomplishment of their goals.  I started off over a year ago,
doing gentle exercises that reinforced my confidence after having done little other than
walking and an occasional Pilates or yoga class over many years.  Gradually, I worked
up to more rigorous activity.  My sessions now are much more intense, but I have built
up to them gradually.  Truthfully, though, occasionally they do feel like torture sessions!
Danielle has educated me on how the body works (how the tightness of certain muscles
elsewhere in my body can affect my lower back, for example).  She even has been known
to bring out references books for a quick lesson on anatomy, if the situation calls for it!
The depth of her overall knowledge and her excellent teaching skills continue to amaze

My sessions twice a week with Danielle extend well beyond the two weekly visits I make
to her house!  When I travel, Danielle insists that I create a plan beforehand as to how I
am going to tackle eating out at restaurants in a sensible fashion and what kind of
physical routine I plan on following while I am away.  Once the plan is in place, I pretty
much stick to it, since I know I will have to report on how I did when I return to the
next session.  She has taught me to be my own health advocate:  I now check out a
restaurant's menu ahead of my visit to plan out what I should select from the menu.  I
have become much more conscious of what I am eating and are much more thoughtful
now about my diet.  Additionally, I am much more aware of my posture and what I need
to do to protect my back.  Danielle's schedule is a busy one, so I know that I am not the
only client whom she has inspired!" LS

"Working with Danielle has been a great experience from every angle. She has helped me
become a more-healthy person inside and out. I've lost more than 15 percent of my
starting body weight, and I'm not worried about backsliding because I know what it
takes to be fit. I've become more flexible, stronger, and more attuned to my body, no
longer seeing it as an enemy or a stranger. I've developed a better relationship with food,
one that is more focused on fueling myself than on reacting to stress or boredom. I feel
and look much better, and shopping is fun again. Most importantly, Danielle has helped
me find my own way to a healthier life, always offering different perspectives on and
encouragement to start down this path to wellness, and Danielle's holistic approach and
coaching skills were exactly the right mix for me." EJ

"Working with Danielle as my wellness coach proved reinforcing and motivational in
terms of my own self-monitoring and reduction of food intake. It helped to have to
answer to Danielle each week for my self-defined goals, efforts and progress. I am pretty
active as is, but she certainly encouraged me and also worked with me as a personal
trainer and walking buddy. She herself is an inspiring model of fitness and nutritional
balance.  I recommend her as a person truly committed to wellness and to helping people
achieve as much fitness and wellness as they are able to envision and enforce for
themselves." NK

"Danielle Ring is the best personal trainer with whom I’ve had the pleasure to work. She
is a consummate professional. She gives a tremendous amount of thought to her training
sessions and it is very obvious that she thoroughly enjoys her work."  AR

"Danielle was a great inspiration to me. Her advice has proven to be sound and effective.  
I am now closer to my goal and feeling better every day." JP

"Danielle is awesome!!!!! I changed three personal trainers before meeting Danielle.
Compared to other trainers, she is absolutely outstanding. She made sure I was never
bored. Danielle is very knowledgeable and has a sweet heart. She is always very
considerate and tries to work with her client's schedule. Thanks to Danielle, I feel like I'm
in better shape than before." ML

“Danielle was very organized for each session.  She took the time to lay out in advance
the exercises that she would stress for each training session. Each exercise was carefully

I was very pleased that Danielle stressed the importance of stretching and warming up
before using weights.  She provided me with many warm up options so that I would be
able to vary my routine each time I worked out.  I now understand that stretching and
warming up muscles is very important in order to be able to lift weights and limit risk of

The weight training information and guidance that she provided to me has been very
useful as I continue to work out on my own.  Danielle was constantly observing my
technique and offering suggestions.  She stressed the importance of doing each exercise
properly in order to get the maximum benefit.  Proper posture was very important to
her.  Because of her constant advice, I believe that I am now on my way to improving my
health and fitness.  

Overall, Danielle was very pleasant to work with.  She is a true professional.  I would
recommend Danielle to anyone wishing to improve their health and fitness.  Her training
techniques work.  In the last two months, I have not only become more muscular, I have
lost 17 pounds of fat.  I have done this through both exercise and eating the proper foods
(no fad diets).  I don't believe any of this would have been possible without Danielle's
assistance.” BK

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