My Fitness Coach, LLC

My Fitness Coach is a holistic fitness service that integrates both mind and
body. Are you ready to take the next step to a better body and health?

My Fitness Coach is located in McLean, VA and focuses on 3 main areas:

1. Exercise
•        An exercise program tailored to your current fitness level and goals
•        Education on exercise form and equipment so you can exercise anywhere
•        Corrective exercise to help you move better and reduce pain
•        Exercise before, during and after pregnancy, whether you are a new exerciser or an athlete

2. Nutrition
•        Personalized nutrition assistance and education
•        Review of current habits via your food journal
•        Intuitive eating for weight loss
•        Proper nutrient timing to enhance fitness activities

3. Coaching:
•        Behavior modification to ensure program adherence and long-term success
•        Development of a wellness vision and personal mission statement
•        Assistance with creating short- and long-term goals
•        Brainstorm on implementing change and overcoming obstacles
•        Weekly discussion to create accountability

Call Danielle Marquez at (703) 517-6073 to learn more and schedule a